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Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam)

General Information

Lake Samsonvale is the impoundment of water formed by the North Pine Dam, which is located on the North Pine River 5kms upstream from town of Petrie in the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

North Pine Dam was constructed to provided urban water to Brisbane and then the local government area of the Pine Rivers Shire Council and parts of the Caboolture Shire Council. These Councils have since been amalgamated into Moreton Regional Council. Construction of the dam was completed on the 12 of August 1976 and was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of the Brisbane City Council, Alderman Frank Sleeman. The dam comprises of a mass concrete centre section flanked with earth and rock embankments. The dam wall is 40 metres high and 580 metres long. The centre concrete centre section has 5 spillway gates, a valve for releasing water downstream and an outlet an outlet tower from which water is drawn to the North Pine Dam Treatment Plant.

The dam is owned by the Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority, trading a SEQ Water and is now linked to the Southeast Queensland Water Grid. The North Pine Dam catchment area is 384sq kilometres and the total dam storage supply at Full Supply Level(FSL) is 214,302ML. FSL is at 39.63 metres above sea level and at that level the surface area of Lake Samsonvale is 2181 hectares.

Public access to the lake is confined to designated recreation areas, the main ones being:

McGavin View, Vorges Rd, Whiteside

Bullocky Rest, Forgan Rd, Joyner

Forgan Cove, Forgan Rd, Joyner

These recreational areas all have excellent picnic and BBQ facilities, McGavin View and Bullocky Rest have children’s playgrounds.
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Fish Stocking

Lake Samsonvale has been stocked with native fish since 1991 and the lake provides great recreational angling opportunities. The PRFMA Stocking Program has stocked the following species into the lake:

  • Australian Bass
  • Yellow Belly (Golden Perch)
  • Silver Perch
  • Mary River Cod
  • Snub Nose Gar
  • Saratoga

The lake also contains Tilapia(a noxious pest fish) and Red Claw Cray’s both of which have been introduced and are not native to the area and should not be re-released if caught.

Fish Stocking, PRFMA, Pine Rivers Fish Management Association

Fishing in the Lake

Shore Based Fishing

Shore based fishing access for Lake Samsonvale is available at the following three public access areas; McGavin ‘s View, Forgan Cove and Bullocky Rest. Access gates are opened at sunrise and closed at sunset. A map of these areas is available for download here. The information contained in this download was correct as of January 2009 but is subject to change by the impoundment owner Seqwater. Please refer to onsite signs to confirm access information. Walking the shoreline near the picnic areas is well mown and is well suited for families wanting to wet a line or two. Once you leave these areas the going can be more rugged, with long grass and bushland the order of the day. Remember to check the map above for permitted access areas.

Fishing, PRFMA, Pine Rivers Fish Management Association

As much of the surrounding area around Lake Samsonvale is natural bushland you will see all the wildlife normal for these surroundings. Native birds, koalas, wallabies and kangaroos can be a pleasant surprise as you move around the lake. You can also encounter poisonous spiders and snakes, feral pigs and deer, dingoes and wild dogs.

When fishing these areas it can be helpful if you let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back. Carry a communication device, a first aid kit, some water and wear appropriate clothing. It’s always a good idea to take along a friend but most of all don’t forget to pack your commonsense.

Boat Based Fishing

Boating access is only available through the Pine Rivers Fish Management Association’s Boating Access Scheme(BAS) which enable permit holders to access the lake in electric or manually powered boats in the North Pine River section only. More details on the VPS and its rules are available here.

Freshwater Fishing Permit

A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) is required to fish in Lake Samsonvale as with all other dam that are covered under the SIP program. Funds from this program flow through to the stocking association (PRFMA) to stock more fish into the lake. To get a permit go to this Queensland Government site and applyLake Samsonvale