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Angler Education

PRFMA supports a number of initiatives to assist in teaching interested people angling skills. Four of our members have been trained and accredited through the Sunfish/DAFF angler education instructor program. These instructors arrange and lead our education days while our other members volunteer their time to act as coaches at the events. On these days the participants learn the basic skills and values which will help them become successful and environmentally friendly anglers. Some of the skills that are learnt include:

• Knot tying
• Fish identification
• Rod and reel care
• Casting techniques
• Best practice catch and release techniques
• Humane methods to dispatch fish
• How to care for our catchments and fish populations

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How does it all happen

Basically we partner with a number of groups including Sunfish and MBRC  who all assist in different capacities. At different times government departments assist with some funding to allow us the ability to run these days. Of course without our volunteers donating their valuable time and knowledge none of this would happen either. A big thanks has to go Steve and the team at the Lawnton Tackle World (Ph: 3205 7475) who forgo any thought of profit every time we call, allowing us to stretch our raised funds a long, long way. Between this support and his staff’s collective twisting of supplier’s arms, Steve’s team allows us to nearly double the number of kids we can afford to help out each year.

Types of education days available

Lifestyle Kids Fishing Days

As an initiative of DAFF and Sunfish QLD a number of days each year are held throughout the state aimed at promoting sustainable fishing. When we are able to attract sufficient funds, the PRFMA hosts local events supporting this program.