Lake Samsonvale
Boating Access via The Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) – Zone 3 only

Applications for 2021 / 2022 are now closed

Applications for the 2022/23 Season (01/09/22 to 31/08/23) will be open from 15th August, 2022 to 26/03/2023

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Lake Samsonvale, just 10km from Petrie, north of Brisbane, has been stocked with more than two million freshwater fish since the early 90’s and has grown in reputation to become one of Australia’s best impoundment fisheries. Trophy Bass in excess of 50cm are a common catch but other species such as Golden Perch, Saratoga & Mary River Cod make this an attractive destination.

For details on the Lake Samsonvale Boating Access – Vessel Permit Scheme please refer to

Highly recommended for new applicants  – Overview Presentation – Lake Samsonvale Vessel Permit Scheme – Download Here

Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) Information Paper 2022 / 2023 Rev 31 – Download here

All applicants must download, read and agree to the Lake Samsonvale Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS)  – Terms and Conditions “Rules of Permit” Rev 6 – Download here

Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) Application

There are two types of Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) permits
(a)          a Single Vessel Permit for $120.00 (aged 18 and over) for a Tinnie or a Kayak or a Canoe
(b)          a Family Multi Vessel Permit for $160.00 for Kayaks and Canoes only

The Family Permits are for Kayaks or Canoes only and cover the Permit Applicant and Partner plus up to two of their Siblings 12 to 17 years of age. Subject to special extra conditions i.e. to be in close proximity of the adult Permit holder at all times and to wear the appropriate sized PFD at all times, whilst on the water

All occupants of a Canoe or Kayak must wear a suitable PFD, at all times whilst on the water.

Who needs to apply for a Family Permit?

  1. A couple with children 12 years to 17 years inclusive, who intend to use more than one canoe or kayaks,
  2. A couple without children, who intend to use more than one canoe or kayaks,
  3. A single parent and his/her children 12 years to 17 years inclusive, who intend to use more than one canoe or kayaks,

Children under 12 are not allowed by themselves in a kayak.

If as a family you only intend to use a tinny or a 2 person canoe or a 2 person kayak, you only need to apply for an single vessel permit.

Applications for a Family multi vessel Permit can only be made by contacting 0402 247 215 or 0419 748 311

The PRFMA strongly recommend, that all occupants of a Tinnie, wear a suitable PFD at all times, whilst on the water

  • Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) – Application 

 Applications for the 2021/22 Season (01/09/21 to 31/08/22) are now closed

Online application – for the 2022/23 Season (01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023) will be accepted from the 15/08/2022 to 26/03/2023

via our online application  – Click HERE to Lodge your Application


Written Application

Vessel Permit Scheme (VPS) Application Form 2022 / 23 – Download HERE


Issue of the permit will constitute evidence of payment – no receipts will be issued unless requested via email to – Claims for refunds must be made within 14 days of payment

The PRFMA reserves the right to reject an application and will provide written advice as to the rejection. Appeals may be made in writing to the PRFMA Management Committee. Monies paid in the application process will be refunded


  • View a Map of the Lake Samsonvale Zones Map 1 here
  • Download or View Lake Access  Map (Zone 3)  Map 2 Download here
  • Download or View Locality and Fishing Map Map 3 with details of well know points of interest  Download here 
  • Download or View Vessel Permit Scheme Southern Boundary of Zone 3 Map 4 Download here
  • Download or View a Grid Map Map 5 of Lake Samsonvale that displays the area accessible to the Permit Holders Download here
  • Download or View a  Grid Map Map 6  Lake Samsonvale Download here

Frequently Asked Questions for the Vessel Permit Scheme.

While we encourage you to read the information sheet thoroughly before making an application to gain a permit for the Boating Access scheme, below you will find some answers to the questions we get asked most often.

Why are there 400 places?

This is the maximum number permitted under PRFMA’s licence agreement with Seqwater.

What happens if the Vessel Permit Scheme is oversubscribed?

Permits will be issued (up to the maximum of 400) on a, first received, basis from the date applications are called. Unsuccessful applicants (i.e. applicants received after the quota is reached) will be placed on a waiting list in the order of receipt of their application

Do I get my money back if it is oversubscribed?

Unsuccessful applicants will get their application fees returned in full .

Do PRFMA members get preference in the allocation of permits?

No, PRFMA members are subject to exactly the same application procedures and conditions as anyone else who might make an application.

Can I lend or hire out my permit?

No you can’t lend or hire/sell your permit or access key to another person. To obtain a permit, an applicant is required to read the Vessel Permit Scheme “Rules of Permit”  and they must undertake to comply with the permit conditions. Prohibition on lending a permit or access key is just one of those conditions.

Will my permit allow me to use both my kayak and my tinnie?

Yes, the permit applies to the person so (only) you can use a different vessel on different days, providing the permit vessel identification sticker is clearly displayed on the vessel at all times when on site. They can either be transferred between different Vessels or a permit holder may apply to purchase an additional sticker for $10.00.

Can I use a boat with a petrol engine?

No, electrically and manually only powered boats are allowed. Craft with internal combustion engines (either inboard or outboard) are not permitted on site, even if the engine is not used i.e. it must be removed from the boat.

How many boats are allowed on the lake at any one time?

A maximum of 50 as per the licence agreement with Seqwater, boats will be allowed to enter on a first come, first served basis.

Do I still need a photo for the ID card?

No. The permits will not have a photo on them, but the permit holder must carry a suitable form of photo ID such as a current driver’s licence

Does the Access Scheme stop if the water level drops below 43%?

YES, the scheme will be suspended once the level drops below 43%. These levels were determined by limitations on the access ramps and for safety reasons. These are conditions set out in the licence agreement with Seqwater.

How does PRFMA promote this scheme?

The Vessel Permit Scheme is a major source of income for purchasing fish to stock Lake Samsonvale so, when it is able to operate the Vessel Permit Scheme the PRFMA seeks to promote the scheme as much as possible. In the past, promotion of the scheme has been undertaken through, Facebook , articles published in relevant publications, through notification on it’s own internet site, through distribution of promotional material to fishing tackle stores and posting information on various angling related website forums.

Do I need a Stocked Impoundment Permit?

Yes, from 01/04/09 Lake Samsonvale has been included in the SIP Scheme.