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On the 11th and 12th June, 2016  a Survey Tagging Event was held on Lake Samsonvale where 22 Vessels and 49 Anglers participated




On the 29th and 30th August 2015 a Survey Tagging Event was held on Lake Samsonvale where 24 Vessels and 50 Anglers participated. Also tagged were 3 Golden Perch and 1 Saratoga



On the 21st and 22nd September 2013  a Survey Tagging Event was held on Lake Samsonvale where 14 Vessels and 30 Anglers participated.

443 Australian Bass where - caught - measured - tagged and released



On the 10th & 11th April, 2010 - 112 Australian Bass where - caught - measured - tagged and released Plus 2 Golden Perch werealso tagged


On the 8th & 9th March, 2008 - 1334 Australian Bass where - caught - measured - tagged and released Plus 31 Golden Perch were also tagged


Pine River Clean

Pine River Clean Day

A number of years ago, after hearing from local canoeists, kayakers, anglers and residents (who used the Pine River system to indulge their passions) that they were concerned about discarded rubbish marring the waterways, Councilor David Dwyer felt his idea of a community river clean up could be successful and, with the support of the Pine Rivers Shire Council, the Pine River Clean Days began.

Each year, volunteers show up at three locations, Bob Bell Park, Leis Park and Dohles Rocks to spend a few hours collecting all manner of rubbish from along banks and out of the water way itself. The council supplies all the required gear from gloves through to skip bins and at the end of the day they even put on a sausage sizzle and drinks to take care of the appetite you build doing a little light labour.

Every year the same groups like Pine Rivers Fish Management Association, the Petrie scouts and the Newport Kayak Club show and support the event, consequently the roll up at Leis Park and Bob Bell Park continues to be adequate. Over time the roll call for Dohles Rocks has diminished and being the largest area it has reduced the overall success of the day.

Pine River Clean Day

This year, two of the PRFMA members, Shayne Dumma and Andrew Kennedy set about getting a larger roll up at Dohles Rocks. After hunting around and looking for other community groups to get involved, without any success, the pair targeted the fishing community through a local website Brisbane Fishing On Line. With the support of TT lures and Viking Kayaks a small pre-fish with some prizes was organised as an enticement.

On the day 37 people showed at Dohles Rocks and over a couple of hours the fishos on foot, kayak and boat collected enough rubbish to overfill a skip bin and enough stacked bags of rubbish to half fill another bin. When asked about the result of the day, Shayne Dumma said," It was heartening to see so many people here helping and we have all enjoyed ourselves." He carried on to say, "What is unfortunate is the fact that we could have had double the number of volunteers and still not got to every area needing attention."

River Clean will continue to be held as a component of the Out There and Alive Festival, held each August in and around the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.


Australia Day Family Fishing Event

Australia Day Family Fishing Day

Since 2007 on January 26th of each year The Petrie Lions hold a fun fishing event for the whole family on Lake Kurwongbah. The event is aimed at getting mum, dad and the kids outdoors together enjoying a spot of fresh water fishing. The initial three to four years has been all about removing the dreaded Tilapia, which can be a lot of fun on light gear especially when you get a hold of one of the plentiful 40+ cm models that live in the lake. After this we will be seeing plenty of stocked native fish doing their level best to steal your bait, your tackle and if they get a chance your rod and reel.

The first batch of Australian Native Bass released will be in the 30 - 35cm range by 2010 and they are tenacious and tough fighters and will give even seasoned anglers a work out. The younger anglers may want to hone their skills on the stocked population of snub nose garfish, a fish which almost seems designed with kids in mind. All you need is some bread, a float, a no. 12 hook and a keen eye to get amongst this species known affectionately as fresh water mini-marlin.Australia Day Family Fishing Day

On the day PRFMA runs varying mini-clinics and competitions, one of the favourites being Hook-a-Hat, where the kids get to test their casting skills for the chance to win a new fishing hat. Our volunteers are also on hand throughout the day to help with rigging a rod, baiting a hook or showing you a technique to make your day successful.

The Lions make sure there are great prizes on the day, there is food and drinks available and off-street parking isn’t a problem. If you want any further information contact Tim Beckett of the Petrie Lions via email on . We will update information in our notices section as the date draws closer.

Learn To Fish - Angler Education

Learn to fish

PRFMA supports a number of initiatives to assist in teaching interested people angling skills. Four of our members have been trained and accredited through the Sunfish/DPI angler education instructor program. These instructors arrange and lead our education days vile our other members volunteer their time to act as coaches at the events. On these days the participants learn the basic skills and values which villa help them become successful and environmentally friendly anglers. Some of the skills that are learnt include:

  • Knot tying and terminal rigs
  • Fish identification
  • Rod and reel care
  • Casting techniques
  • Best practice catch and release techniques
  • Humane methods to dispatch fish
  • How to care for our catchments and fish populations

How does it all happen

Learn to fish

Basically we partner with a number of groups including Sunfish, MBRC and the Petrie Lions who all assist in different capacities. At different times government departments assist with some funding to allow us the ability to run these days. Of course without our volunteers donating their valuable time and knowledge none of this would happen either. A big thanks has to go Ian and the team at the Carseldine Tackle Shop (Ph: 3862 9015) who forgo any thought of profit every time we call, allowing us to stretch our raised funds a long, long way. Between this support and his staff's collective twisting of supplier's arms, Ian's team allows us to nearly double the number of kids we can afford to help out each year.

Types of education days available


Learn to fish

Most school holidays, the PRFA combines with the Petrie Lions to run fresh water fishing clinics. These clinics are part of the Moreton Bay Regional Councils School Holidays Activity Program. To find out more and participate in the next day simply logon to the events area of the Moreton Bay Council's website.

Lifestyle Kids Fishing Days

As an initiative of DPI and Sunfish QLD a number of days each year are held throughout the state aimed at promoting sustainable fishing. When we are able to attract sufficient funds, the PRFMA hosts local event supporting this program. The upcoming dates are listed in the table above.